Kubernetes — Remove worker Node from the cluster and completely uninstall

kubectl get nodes -o wide
kubectl drain oel75.localdomain --delete-local-data --force --ignore-daemonsets
kubeadm get no
kubeadm reset
kubectl delete node oel75.localdomain
sudo yum autoremove
sudo rm -rf ~/.kube

Authors Bio

Monowar Mukul is currently working as a Principal Oracle Database Specialist. I am an Oracle Certified Master (Oracle 12c Certified Master Administration, Oracle 12c Certified Master MAA, and Oracle 11g Certified Master Administration). He has been working as an Oracle DBA consultant for over 17 years with Oracle MAA space for both Exadata and non-Exadata Systems, Oracle Cloud Space, and SOA Middleware. He is working with different devops tools for over four years. You can find more details about him and his work achievements at https://www.linkedin.com/in/monowarmukul/



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Monowar Mukul

Monowar Mukul

Oracle (Oracle Certified Master OCM — 12c DBA, 12c HA, and 11g DBA)| OCI | AWS| Ansible | Kubernetes | OpenShift | PostgreSQL and Aspiring Data Scientists :)